ReJuvination Mind Body & Spirit Day Spa

Imagine your massage...

The relaxing scent of lavender or your choice of aromatherapy ...

The feel of warm stones gliding across your back relaxing tense muscles...

the stones are used to warm your muscles, soften tension and help relieve tightness.

While you are receiving a scalp massage face-down on the table, your back is enveloped in moist heat to relax you even further and warm stones rest in your hands. A scalp massage is used to address trigger points and areas of tension. The therapist will work on your legs and briefly address trigger points on your feet.

Your treatment continues with moist towels on your face, a face and scalp massage. From there we move on to your shoulders and neck again using warm stones. Warm stones are placed under your shoulders to enhance extra relaxation. After your arms and hands are massaged, a warm stone is placed under your hands to soothe sore, tired muscles.  After legs are treated we move to your feet, again using hot stones, with some reflexology to address tight foot muscles. (Even if you are the most ticklish person, not to worry, the pressure is adjustable!) We complete your treatment with warm towels and a refreshing peppermint mist spray on your feet.

One-hour De-Stress (full 60-minute massage)
Deep Relax (full 90-minute massage)

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